Grammatical features of verbs

Correspondence between tenses and aspects
Tenses in subordinate clauses
Aspects and repetition
Narrative present tense
Detailed usage of tenses and aspects
Intransitivity and transitivity

Sorts and categories

Verbs and adjectives
Adjectives and adverbs
Detailed explanation of particles
Alternative forms of connectives

Other grammatical topics

Sentence structure and word order
Difference in use between things and events
Words which can take both things and events
Paraphrasing into noun usages of verbals
Omission of cok in relative clauses
Insertion using tadeks and tadeklots
Floating prepositional phrases


Expressions of time
Detailed explanation of comparative expressions
Nomenclature and notation of numbers
Detailed explanation of numerals
Usage of o and ò
Distributivity of nouns
Tendency of contraction
Usage of zis acik to distinguish indicated phrases


Hiatus and insertion of /l/
Variations in pronunciation


Usage of punctuations
Kinds of tadeks

Creation of words

How to create compound words
Transcription rules for foreign words

Collections of example sentences

Daily Shaleian sentences
58 want-to-eat-apple sentences
100 linguistically interesting sentences